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Joe Hill was a Swedish-American activist, musician and one of the Industrial Workers of the World's most prolific songwriters. He's credited with some of their most famous tunes, including The Preacher and the Slave, There is Power in a Union and Casey Jones the Union Scab.

He became a household name in 1914 after the murder of a Greengrocer and his son in Utah - a murder for which Joe was found guilty following a controversial trial. His subsequent execution caused uproar among those who argued that he had been framed due to his involvement with the IWW; his remarkable life and death has provided the inspiration for numerous songs and stories ever since.


Don't Mourn - Organise!' is a live tribute to one of America's most prolific and influential musical troubadours. In this deeply touching and comprehensively researched show, Holly discusses everything from Joe Hill's upbringing in Sweden to his posthumous impact on music and activism in the 20th and 21st Centuries, as well as performing a number of significant songs from his expansive catalogue.

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If you would be interested in booking Holly to perform 'DON'T MOURN - ORGANISE!' at your venue, get in touch by clicking the link...

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